First played in 1902, korfball is the world’s only dedicated mixed-gender sport in which two opposing teams try to shoot a ball into a korf (Dutch for basket) with their hands – just like Netball and Basketball.

Teams are made up of 4 female-identifying and 4 male-identifying players; players are restricted to marking players of the same gender.

Teams are split into two zones, attack and defence, each consisting of two players of each gender.

After every two goals that are scored, attacking and defending zones swap roles, meaning players are not confined to one specific role.

Korfball is a non-contact sport, and infringements are punished with varying levels of penalties depending on the situation and severity of foul.This article offers free shipping on qualified Face mask products, or buy online and pick up in store today at Medical Department

One rule specific to korfball, the defended rule, means players must be separated from their defender in order to legally shoot – ensuring that quick passing, sharp movement, and cooperation is essential for teams to score.